Your greatest opportunity to meet the world's leading innovation and decision makers, fresh produce, agriculture technology,

technology for animal farms

June 14-15 | 2021 | 10:00 | 


Fresh produce | agriculture technology | animal farming | Cattle | Poultry | Fish Farming | Wine | Seeds | Cannabis | 

Mechanization | Packaging | Tractors | Greenhouses | Pest Control | Logistics | Marketing | Legislation | Retailing

Join the 12,000 participants from all corners of the international agricultural market: Growers, buyers, decision makers, retailers, wholesalers, importers, influencers and in short: Everybody. Strengthen existing relationships, make new contacts and see all the technological innovations and developments of the farmers that will give you a marketing advantage in all areas.

Don't stay out!

Business Networking

A quiet and comfortable sitting area with calmed ambiance and perfect conditions for a rare personal and unofficial meeting between you and who might be your next client or partner.

Seize the opportunity!

Professional Conferences 

Exclusive area for focused meetings, updates, lectures, workshops, discussions, guided panels and free  dialog for defined agriculture  topics across a carefully arranged and planned schedule  .

Showcase Rooms

Huge, air-conditioned halls with hundreds of displays of advanced technologies, developments, automation, equipment, methods and innovations

The Academy for Agricultural Settlements who Thinks Businesses

An Agricultural "TED" stage in the event's zone, with continuous 20 minutes lectures from the best professionals! Everything you need to know in order to increase your profits and to turn your small business to a success story. 
Marketing & Branding | Direct Marketing | Digital Marketing | Database Usage | Finance Management |
Business Development | Digital Networking | Business Intelligence | Audience Expansion | Negotiating |
And more...

About the Exhibition:
What investors are looking for within Ag Tech & Cleantech entrepreneurs? 
How, when and from who can you raise capital, whether to issue or sell, and how to properly build a growth company - Venture capital managers will answer the burning questions of Agriculture and Cleantech at Mashov Group's affiliate conference, taking place in June - the leading media of Green Economy.
How to build and to nurture growth aboard? how will global shortage of food and water will affect the globe? Those are just part of the questions that will be answered by seniors of the Venture Capital. 
This is the ultimate meeting for manufacturers, researchers, investors, academics, buyers, and decision makers representatives of international businesses.
The exhibition will be held in June by Agromashov 2021

  • The biggest and most detailed Agriculture Goods marketing event in Israel 
  • Full two days of showcases, panels, instructions, and business meetings
  • An international event that includes meetings with world wide businesses representatives
  • A direct business meeting in informal atmosphere
  • Perfect conditions to create co-ups, like the ones formed in the last events
  • A tasty, healthy  culinary celebration at the event's stands
  • Innovative fruits & vegetables species, Agriculture high tech, drones, applications, precise agriculture, and more... 
  • A wide air-conditioned cooled zone, separated to different halls based on professional fields
  • A wide range of options  for presentations and to sponsorship

16.6 - 8:30 am

The Cannabis Rush

The medical cannabis market is estimated by the Israeli government to be 100 billion Shekels per year.

The exporting economic potential of the medical


cannabis is estimated to be 4 billion per year.

 The conference goal is to provide knowledge and relevant tools to the agriculturists which are already in an advanced growing  stages, entrepreneurs, agriculture investors, agriculture land owners, and more.

15.6 - 12:45 pm

The Palm Conference

Today, the palm is one of the most prosperous agriculture branches in the world, with ongoing increasing curves.

The Conference goal is to strengthen the palm branch as one of Israel's leading branches and to expend the growing areas in Israel.

16.6 - 12:45 pm

The Pepper Conference

 Israel holds the world's leading pepper growers, and the pepper has been one of Israel's most remarkable crops

for years.

Despite the various difficulties that the growers are dealing with - there are important steps and actions which can help to fulfill the potential of growing and marketing the peppers, as well as developing the knowledge.


15.6 - 12:45 pm

Water Conference

After 5 drought years, in 2018 the program to save the  water problem for both the long and immediate terms. 

The purified water amount will double until 2030 and 100 billion cubic meters will fill the Kineret sea per year.

Seven rivers in the north will be rehabilitated, new water purification factories will be established, and more.

The goal of the conference is to encourage the government to implement the restoration program  although the last rainy year and the replacement of the government.


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